Ruth's Road Our Story John Christie Eisner

John and Christie got married in 1974, the fact that Christie was a Gentile and John was Jewish was not an issue to them. It was, however, an issue to John’s parents who were holocaust survivors and had lost all their family in Nazi Germany. They did not want their son marrying a Gentile girl that would lead him away from his Jewish faith. While Christie assured them that she had no religious affiliation that would persuade him contrary to their beliefs, God had other plans. One year later John and Christie became Christians. Now that her mother-in-law’s worse fear had come true, Christie decided to try to soften the blow of their conversion by acting interested in what they believed. At her first Passover celebration with John’s family in 1976, Christie had a divine encounter that took her completely by surprise. She found Jesus hidden in an ancient ceremony within the Passover called “Yahatz”, or “breaking” the afikoman. After that night, with an insatiable hunger to know Jesus, she began her long journey of looking for the revelation of Jesus and God’s heart in all the Biblical feasts.

Ruth's Road Our Story Daniel Kemp

Daniel was born and raised in Kansas City and gave his life to Jesus at a business conference while in college at the University of Kansas. During this time he saw hundreds of fellow students give their lives to Jesus and begin living for the Lord. At the age of 25 he decided to step aside from working with small business start ups and dedicated the next 5 years to pursuing Jesus through attending bible school and working on staff at a local church. While in bible school God put an emphasis on Daniel’s heart to look further in to an old family story related to the ancestry of his parents. Through his research a story began to unfold which would eventually tie his heart into the Jewish roots of our faith and open up the gospel in new ways to his family. This same story also led him to partner with John & Christie Eisner and begin writing a series of books centered around finding Jesus throughout the Feasts of the Lord.